Since I was a little boy, growing up in a small village nearby Lisbon, I have always enjoyed using my hands to create things. I am inspired by everything I see and feel, from contemplating nature, appreciating art, to human interactions. For me, all everyday experiences are interesting in their own way. My curiosity about the relationship between art and science instigates me to develop new methods and ideas, namely making sculptures and installations. My other interests include digital art, electronics, photography, video and animation.

My work entails studies about the transformative possibilities materials and objects have. By exploring their properties and what they were, I try to discover their present function and meaning, and more importantly, what they can be and represent. Likewise, I analyse the ability of objects to transmit feelings, memories and ideas, and how they are perceived when inserted in a different contextual setting. Some of my pieces are purely about the momentary visual wonder of their movement and transformation, or to embody a humorous thought.

The majority of my kinetics sculptures and installations have a surprise element, either by their unpredicted movement or by the interaction they have with the viewer when operated by digital sensors. I use a vast range of materials that I find or make them myself, particularly everyday objects that are usually repurposed or used in a different setting. I also give them an unlikely identity by hacking them and modifying their primary functional purpose, and then their meaning. Every kinetic piece I do is a different discovering journey in trying to understand a mechanical engineering problem. This processes behind my experimentations become a significant learning proportion of my artwork.

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